90% TMGM Rebate | Cashback Receive back up to 18 USD/lot

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In the forex trading industry, reducing trading costs can significantly enhance profitability. One way to achieve this is through rebate and cashback programs. TMGM (TradeMax Global Markets) offers one of the highest rebates in the market, promising up to 90% rebate or cashback of up to $18 per lot traded. This article aims to provide both novice and experienced traders with an in-depth analysis of TMGM’s rebate program, helping them understand how to leverage these benefits for optimal trading performance.

Understanding Forex Rebates and Cashback

Forex rebates and cashback are incentives offered by brokers to their traders. These incentives are essentially a refund of a portion of the trading costs (spreads or commissions) paid by the trader. By receiving a percentage back on each trade, traders can significantly lower their overall trading expenses.

TMGM's Rebate and Cashback Program

  1. Rebate Rates and Potential Earnings

  2. TMGM offers rebates of up to 90%, which translates to a maximum cashback of $18 per lot traded. This is among the highest in the industry, providing substantial savings for active traders. The rebate program is designed to reward both high-volume and lower-volume traders, making it accessible and beneficial to a broad range of trading styles.

  3. Eligibility and Account Types

  4. TMGM’s rebate program is available to all account types, whether you are trading with a standard, pro, or institutional account. This inclusivity ensures that every trader can benefit from reduced trading costs, regardless of their account size or trading volume.

  5. Automatic Rebate Processing

  6. One of the key advantages of TMGM’s rebate system is the automatic processing of rebates. Traders do not need to manually claim their rebates, as they are credited automatically to their accounts, simplifying the process and ensuring consistency in receiving rebates.

Analyzing the Benefits for Traders

Case Study: Impact on Trading Costs

Consider a trader who executes an average of 50 lots per month. With TMGM’s rebate program, they could receive up to $900 in cashback (50 lots * $18 per lot). This substantial reduction in trading costs can significantly boost the trader’s net profitability over time.

Industry Trends and Data

A 2023 industry survey indicated that over 70% of forex traders consider rebate programs when choosing a broker. The same survey highlighted that brokers offering higher rebates tend to have higher retention rates and greater customer satisfaction. This trend underscores the importance of rebate programs in the competitive landscape of forex trading.

For further information on how forex rebates work and their benefits, traders can refer to authoritative sources like Investopedia. This site offers detailed explanations and additional resources on forex trading strategies and broker features, enhancing the credibility and depth of the article.


TMGM’s rebate and cashback program offers a compelling value proposition for both novice and experienced forex traders. With rebates of up to 90% or $18 per lot traded, TMGM provides one of the most attractive rebate programs in the industry. This program not only reduces trading costs but also enhances overall profitability. By choosing a broker like TMGM, traders can optimize their trading strategies and achieve better financial outcomes.

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