How do I delete my INFINOX account?

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Navigating the process of closing an online trading account can be a nuanced task, requiring a clear understanding of the steps involved to ensure a smooth and secure closure. If you're considering closing your INFINOX account, it's crucial to be informed about the correct procedure to follow. This guide is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the process, including preparatory steps, the account deletion process itself, and important considerations to keep in mind. Our aim is to make the account deletion process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible for INFINOX clients.

Preparatory Steps Before Account Deletion

Before initiating the process of deleting your INFINOX account, there are several important preparatory steps you should take. These steps are crucial for ensuring that you have everything in order and that you are fully prepared for the account closure.

1. Consider Your Reason for Account Deletion

Reflect on the reasons why you wish to close your account. Whether it's due to a change in financial goals, a shift in investment strategy, or dissatisfaction with the service, knowing your reasons can help you make a more informed decision. INFINOX values feedback and may offer solutions or alternatives that address your concerns.

2. Withdraw Your Funds

Ensure that all your open positions are closed and withdraw any remaining funds in your account. INFINOX provides several withdrawal methods, and it's important to choose one that suits your preferences. Keep in mind that certain withdrawal methods may have specific requirements or processing times.

3. Download or Print Account Statements

For future reference, especially for tax purposes or record-keeping, download or print out all your account statements and transaction history. Having a complete record of your trading activity can be invaluable for personal finance management or when dealing with regulatory inquiries.

The Account Deletion Process

Once you have completed the preparatory steps, you are ready to proceed with the actual account deletion process. INFINOX aims to make this process as seamless as possible, but it's important to follow the steps carefully to ensure that your account is properly closed.

1. Contact INFINOX Support

The first step in deleting your INFINOX account is to contact their customer support team. This can typically be done via email, phone, or live chat. When contacting support, clearly state that you wish to close your account and provide any required information, such as your account number and personal identification details.

2. Complete Any Required Forms

INFINOX may require you to complete specific forms or provide additional documentation to proceed with the account deletion. This is a standard procedure for many financial institutions to ensure the security and authenticity of the account closure request.

3. Receive Confirmation

Once your request has been processed, INFINOX will provide you with a confirmation of your account's closure. Keep this confirmation for your records as proof of the account deletion.

After Your Account Has Been Deleted

After your INFINOX account has been successfully deleted, there are a few final considerations to keep in mind.

1. Monitor Your Email and Bank Statements

Monitor your email and bank statements for a short period after account deletion to ensure there are no unexpected charges or communications from INFINOX. If you do receive any unexpected correspondence, contact INFINOX immediately for clarification.

2. Consider Your Next Steps

With your INFINOX account closed, consider your next steps in the financial markets. Whether you're planning to take a break from trading, explore other brokers, or shift your investment strategy, it's important to approach your next move with careful planning and research.


Deleting your INFINOX account is a significant decision and one that requires careful consideration and preparation. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure that the process is handled efficiently and securely. Remember to take the necessary preparatory steps, follow the account deletion process carefully, and keep an eye on your financial statements and communications following the closure. If you have any concerns or need further assistance during the process, INFINOX's customer support team is there to help.

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