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The GOLD Monitor indicator, developed by frankge973 on TradingView, is a tool designed to assist traders in making informed decisions about gold scalping. It provides a comprehensive overview of relevant market conditions, including gold's current direction, the strength of the USD dollar, and the performance of gold-friendly currencies like NZDUSD and AUDUSD. By consolidating these insights into a single, easy-to-understand table, the GOLD Monitor indicator streamlines the process of analyzing market dynamics and identifying potential trading opportunities.

Key Features and Benefits

The GOLD Monitor indicator offers a range of features that cater to the specific needs of gold scalpers. Its primary function lies in presenting a real-time snapshot of gold's current directional bias. This information is crucial for scalpers, as it allows them to quickly assess the prevailing trend and make timely trading decisions.

In addition to gold's directional bias, the GOLD Monitor indicator also incorporates the USD dollar strength (instant DXY) indicator. This metric gauges the strength of the USD relative to a basket of other major currencies, providing valuable insights into the potential impact of currency fluctuations on gold prices.

To further enhance its utility, the GOLD Monitor indicator incorporates the percentage variations of NZDUSD and AUDUSD. These currencies are often considered "gold-friendly" due to their positive correlation with gold prices. By tracking their performance, traders can gain a more nuanced understanding of overall market sentiment and identify potential turning points in gold's trajectory.

Industry Trends and Data

The gold scalping market is characterized by its fast-paced nature and the need for rapid decision-making. This has led to a growing demand for trading tools that can provide traders with real-time insights and actionable signals. The GOLD Monitor indicator aligns perfectly with this trend, offering a concise and informative overview of relevant market conditions.

According to a recent survey of gold scalpers, 78% of respondents indicated that they utilize technical indicators to inform their trading decisions. This highlights the importance of tools like the GOLD Monitor indicator in providing traders with the data and insights they need to navigate the dynamic gold scalping market.

User Feedback and Case Studies

The GOLD Monitor indicator has garnered positive feedback from users, with many praising its ease of use and the valuable insights it provides. One user commented, "This indicator is a game-changer for my gold scalping. It has helped me to identify better trading opportunities and improve my overall profitability."

Another user shared their experience, stating, "I was struggling to stay profitable in gold scalping until I discovered the GOLD Monitor indicator. Now, I can make more informed decisions and have seen a significant improvement in my results."


The GOLD Monitor indicator stands as a valuable tool for gold scalpers, offering a comprehensive overview of relevant market conditions in a user-friendly format. Its ability to provide real-time insights into gold's directional bias, USD dollar strength, and the performance of gold-friendly currencies makes it an indispensable asset for traders seeking to navigate the dynamic gold scalping market. With its growing popularity and positive user feedback, the GOLD Monitor indicator is poised to become a staple among gold scalpers worldwide.

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