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ThinkMarkets, renowned for its robust trading platforms and competitive trading conditions, also offers cashback incentives that can significantly enhance the trading experience by providing traders with an opportunity to earn back a portion of their trading costs. This article delves into the specifics of the ThinkMarkets cashback offers, exploring how they work, who can benefit, and strategies for maximizing these rebates.

Understanding ThinkMarkets Cashback

Cashback programs are a popular way for brokers like ThinkMarkets to reward active traders. By returning a portion of the spread or commission paid on trades, ThinkMarkets helps traders reduce their overall trading costs, making it more financially viable to execute a larger volume of trades or to operate with a leaner margin.

How to Access ThinkMarkets Cashback

  1. Eligibility: Typically, cashback offers are available to all traders but the specific terms can vary. Some programs might be exclusively available to high-volume traders or those who meet certain deposit requirements.

  2. Registration: To begin earning cashback, traders may need to register for the program specifically. This process usually involves opting in through the ThinkMarkets client portal or contacting customer support for activation.

  3. Trade and Earn: Once registered, traders simply continue to trade as usual. Cashback is earned based on trading volume, with the cash automatically credited to the trading account at regular intervals, often monthly.

Key Benefits of Cashback

Reduced Cost of Trading

Cashback directly reduces the transaction costs for traders. Each rebate means less money spent on spreads and commissions, which can accumulate to substantial savings over time.

Enhanced Trading Strategy

With reduced costs, traders can afford to implement strategies that might otherwise be too costly. For example, strategies involving frequent opening and closing of positions become more viable with lower net costs.

Improved Risk Management

The additional funds from cashback can be used to enhance the trader's risk management, allowing for better position sizing or more diversified portfolios without additional capital outlay.

Maximizing Your Cashback with ThinkMarkets

Increase Trading Volume

Since cashback amounts are often tied to the volume of trades, one straightforward strategy to maximize cashback is to increase your trading volume. However, this should always be balanced with good risk management practices.

Diversify Trading Instruments

Engaging in a variety of instruments can not only spread risk but also potentially increase the cashback earned across different asset classes.

Regularly Review Terms

Cashback terms can change, and promotions may be offered periodically that enhance the cashback rates. Keeping abreast of these changes can help you adjust your trading plan to maximize benefits.


ThinkMarkets offers an attractive cashback program that can effectively reduce trading costs and enhance profitability. By understanding how to qualify and effectively strategize around these cashback offers, traders can significantly enhance their trading results. Whether you are a high-volume trader or someone looking to optimize every trade, ThinkMarkets cashback offers a valuable incentive to consider.

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